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How to save money parking at the Airport
Airport Parking

Holiday Extra is the parking specialist for airport parking, port parking, city centre parking
and rail station parking.

Off-airport car parks have security enclosures and 24-hour surveillance, whilst the
on-airport car parks are open to the public and some have regular security patrols.

Please note that cars parked at on-site car parks are left at owners risk. Where the
car park is not within walking distance of the terminal building, frequent courtesy
transport is available, with buses running 24-hours a day.

Pre-book now to save money, guarantee your parking space and make a secure
credit card booking.

Remember: you can save up to 60% by pre-booking your airport parking.

Tip 1: Check the price guarantee
Dont be caught out; The prices are guaranteed to be the best. Remember, All competitors prices are checked every day to make sure you get the best deal.

Tip 2: Compare the cost of airport parking against getting a taxi.
Did you know that 60% of people still get a taxi to the airport or ask for a lift from friends? And that those people could be saving up to half their taxi fare by pre-booking airport parking instead?

Tip 3: Different types of parking.
There are several different types of airport parking. 

Meet and Greet parking - Arguably the most convenient option for parking at the airport. This service means you are met at the terminal by a driver who will collect your car and take it to one of the secure car parks, leaving you free to check-in. When you return, your car will be delivered back to you at the terminal.
On-airport parking - This refers to parking within the airport boundary. Airports, however, are generally big places so always check the transfer times and distance to the terminal.
Off-airport parking - This means it is located outside the airport boundary. Ironically, the transfer times for off-airport car parks can sometimes be less than the on-airport times, due to their location, so make sure you check.
Airparks - Airparks offer low cost off-airport parking. A strong focus on value and excellent customer service results in some very impressive testimonials. Repeat customers are a strong business for Airparks who spread their reputation largely through word of mouth with their friendly staff and efficient service.

Tip 4: Think about adding the cancellation waiver.
The average price for a weeks airport parking can be up to about 60, but for an extra 99p, if you cancel and your booking is in accordance with the cancellation guidelines, you can get your money back.

Tip 5: Book early.
Whats the difference? Up to 60%. Many car parks offer advance purchase prices and the earlier you book the more likely you are to find them. If you do find one, book straight away because these prices are withdrawn as you get closer to the departure date, and are subject to availability.

Tip 6: Whats most important about the car park?
Transfer times and frequency of transfer are what customers say are most important.

Tip 7: Check the cost of a hotel with parking package.
Compare the price of airport parking with the price of a hotel packaged with parking. At certain times of the year, especially August and September, parking packaged with a hotel can be up to 20 cheaper than parking on its own. If

Tip 8: Book at the right time.
Prices can change daily, sometimes more than once, so to guarantee you get the price you are quoted, reserve your parking space right away. 

Tip 9: And the golden rule...
Never, ever, ever turn up without pre-booking your parking. Airport car parks charge a premium for turning up on the day which can be up to 60% more than our internet prices.

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