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Destination South Africa

Map and Flags of South Africa

Flag of  South Africa

The current design of the National Flag of the Republic of South Africa was adopted on 27 April 1994, the end of apartheid having prompted the widespread conviction that replacing the former national flag was imperative due to its racist connotations to many South Africans.

The pall (Y) is stated to symbolise the convergence as one unified nation. The red symbolises blood. The blue indicates open skies, while the green symbolises the land of South Africa. The black represents black South Africans, and the white represents white South Africans. Yellow is for the natural resources of South Africa, such as gold.

Map of  South Africa

The Red Ensign was South Africas de facto national flag 1910-1928.



South Africas national flag, "Princevlag", 1928-1994.

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