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Hostels in South Africa


A Roundup of the Best Budget Accommodation Options in South Africa


The first thing that strikes the traveller arriving in South Africa is that its stunning Truly stunning. From the southern cape to the northern reaches of the Kruger National Park, and right the way along its dramatic coastlines, its hard to imagine a more inspiring place.


South African hostels, too like Hostels in Africa generally tend to be cheaper than their European counterparts. Which means that, with a little bit more money in the budget, the traveller is at even more liberty to take their time and see everything this magnificent country has to offer.

Captivating Cape Town


Much like the country as a whole, few cities in the world benefit from such a remarkable natural setting as Cape Town. Sandwiched between the sea and the looming backdrop of Table Mountain, its an incredibly impressive spectacle.

Hostels in Capetown share more than just a little of this inspiring visual aspect. Daddy Long Legs is as boutique-y and flash packing as you get; the world-renowned Backpack & Africa Travel Centre has some of the best views of any hostel in the world; while Salty Crax Backpackers and Surf Lodge is the place to take in some of those mighty waves, or just lie back and watch the vast expanses of ocean


To the north of Cape Town (beyond Port Elizabeth), the Wild Coast stretches away up towards Durban. A lengthy strip of practically uninhabited shoreline, giving onto, on one side the Indian Ocean, and the other, to lush forests, its a wonderful place.


On to Johannesburg

Inland, to the north the country, bound in by the mighty Limpopo River is perhaps South Africas greatest attraction: the Kruger National Park. Its array of (often rare and endangered) wildlife is dizzying, and the enormous open spaces that they inhabit, inspiring.

To the south of the Kruger National Park is Johannesburg, South Africas largest city. With a lively nightlife scene in particular some great live music its an ideal backpacking location in South Africa.


In keeping with this relaxed feel, a treasured Jburg speciality is the braai. For backpackers staying in one of the many Hostels in Johannesburg these sizable barbecues are often practically compulsory!


Many hostels like Mufasa Lodge also offer tours of the townships; Accoustix Backpackers Hostel puts on live music and great atmosphere in equal measure. The Purple Palms Travel Lodge, on the other hand, has a swimming pool to take in the seemingly endless rays that beat down on the city.  


Ultimately, although May and October tend to attract the majority of backpackers to South Africa, with this wonderful weather, stunning scenery (chock full of wildlife) and awesomely affordable accommodation, its never exactly a bad time to go visit!



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