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South Africa 

Drakensberg South Africa

Drakensberg The Dragon Mountains
Situated along the southeast coast of South Africa, the Drakensberg mountain range is a challenge for adventure seekers and a paradise for wildlife lovers. Extending from northeast to southwest for around 1,125 km, Drakensberg is part of the Great Escarpment and the main watershed of South Africa.

Flora and Fauna
The region is home to some of the best natural reserves in the entire African continent. Drakensberg is synonymous with exotic and rare flora and fauna that too in overwhelming numbers. With such a plethora of natural wonders present, it should not come as a surprise for most that this region has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO recently.

The local Zulu name for Drakensberg is Quathlamba or The Barrier of Spears, an accurate description for Drakensberg that rises over 3,000 metres in height.

The mountains are source of many rivers like Tugela (the largest in the province), which create breathtaking sights during their course of journey. Drakensberg is also an important region for adventure activities like mountaineering, camping, bird watching, river crossing, trout fishing, and the like. For the mountaineers, climbing the peaks in this region has always remained a challenge. Because of its difficult terrain, many of the peaks still remain unconquered and attract daredevils from all over the world.

Images courtesy of South African Tourism

Information from: World 66  

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