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South Africa 

Cape Winelands - South Africa

South Africa is home to the Cape Winelands, the 7th largest wine-producing region in the world, and although its wines are steadily gaining worldwide recognition, it is still relatively off the beaten path and unspoiled. "Discovering" the Winelands is a magical experience. Nothing compares to sampling, firsthand, the results of a deep-seated commitment to excellence in cookery, art, nature and culture.

The legacies of the early winemakers are evident in the Winelands leafy towns and, more especially, the graceful homesteads of the area, where many gables bear testimony to 18th century origins and evoke a rich, elegant heritage.

Living testimony to the fulsome earth and an art distilled to perfection over centuries, the Franco-Dutch descendants of the pioneers who first settled the Capes heartland will overwhelm you with their easy, unaffected charm and hospitality. Every farm will tempt you, inviting you to indulge in the fruits of its labor.

In a green shade cast by mountains basking under a warming sun, a vintners platter and a glass of the Capes finest wine will fortify you with as much of natures goodness as youll need to explore the wealth of the Winelands.

Set in verdant valleys beneath the soaring Boland Mountains forested slopes, the Winelands are the ideal base from which to explore the Western Cape. Whether enjoying a hot-air balloon ride over Paarls granite outcrops, taking long, winding walks along Stellenboschs oak leaved trails, soaking up a music concert in an open-air amphitheatre or indulging your senses in a bottle of well-rounded wine on a solitary, sunset peak, youll find the Winelands to be an enchanted region where changing seasons paint surreal landscapes.

Spring carpets the rolling hills in blossom, autumns rust pervades the champagne air with a promise of winters bite and Julys snowcapped peaks bear magnificent testimony to the grandeur and eloquence of a land of stunning yet gentle beauty.

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