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South Africa 

Customs and Duty Free South Africa.

Duty free
Returning SA citizens or residents who have been on holiday abroad and foreign visitors to SA are entitled to bring goods including gifts and souvenirs into the country duty-free. The following may also be brought into the country duty-free.

1 litre spirits and other alcoholic beverages
2 litres wine
200 cigarettes
250g cigarettes or pipe tobacco
50 cigars
50 ml perfumery
250 ml toilet water
Children under the age of 18 do not qualify for the alcohol or cigarette/tobacco allowances.
Duty for additional goods, new or used, (excluding firearms) up to the value R12 000,00 will be charged at a flat rate of 20%.
Personal effects, sporting and recreational equipment belonging to tourists, whether used or new, will be allowed into South Africa, free of customs duty and VAT, if imported as accompanied or unaccompanied passengers baggage for own use during their stay.

Tourists are advised to check before departure to South Africa, if the items they wish to take with them fall within this category.

Commodities and quantities specified as duty free allowances can change without prior notice.

South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland and Lesotho are members of the South African Customs Union, which means that their internal borders are open from a customs point of view. 

However, when you enter the union, there are the usual duty-free restrictions. 

For more information on Customs: South African Revenue Services

For information contact the Department of Customs & Excise in Pretoria.

Import & Export Control
Private Bag X192
Tel : + 27 12 428 7000
Fax : + 27 12 428 7799

Customs Controls
Firearms and ammunition imported by tourists for use while in South Africa, will be released under cover of a temporary police permit, provided the firearms and unused ammunition are taken with them on leaving the Republic. 

Import Permits
Please note that the importation of certain goods may be subject to production of an import permit. Melair.com.au

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