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Link Exchange - Travel Guide South Africa

The Travel Guide South Africa encourages the building of successful link partnerships with other related Internet guides and sites.

Guidelines for linking to the Travel Guide South Africa

You are welcome to put links on your website pointing to the Travel Guide South Africa. However, we request that you are following guidelines for linking.

We always respond to link enquiries and require our link to be placed on your site(s) before requesting a reciprocal link.

To exchange Links:

1. Copy and paste the following HTML text onto your page:
<P><FONT face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size=2><A href="http://www.aguide2southafrica.com" title="Travel and Tourism Guide South Africa" target="_blank"><B><font color="#CC3300">Travel and Tourism Guide South Africa</font></B></A><br> Book your Hotel, Cheap flights to South Africa, Travel insurance and Car Hire<B>. </B>Great Travel Tips and Photos of South Africa and South African Animals. <br>

2. E-mail your link to be reciprocated, with your text and a description for your website as well as the website address where we can verify our link.

3. Your link will appear once we have verified our link and reviewed your website, which is usually the next day. If your site is approved, your link will appear in the category you have chosen. We will send you an email and let you know where you can find your link.

E-mail Link South Africa Travel Guide

For sponsored links, you can contact our advertising department, for info: Sponsored Links

Your Website must:
. I
dentify the owner or sponsor of the site and provide information on how to contact them. 
. Not promote specific religious or other social agendas.
. Not contain Adult material that could be considered unsuitable for all ages.

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